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  • Are your cups and bowls microwave and dishwasher safe?
    They sure are!
  • Are they handmade?
    Yes! The process looks like this- I throw the pot on the wheel, let it dry for a day or two, then trim the bottom. Next, I paint on the monsters using underglazes and then scratch back into the image with a tool (a technique called scraffito). The pot then goes into the kiln for its first firing. When it is cool, I sand and wash the bisque-fired pots and let them dry. I then apply a glossy colored glaze to the insides and brush a satin matte clear on the exteriors. Then it is back in the kiln for the cone 6 glaze fire. Last comes the hard part... waiting 36-48 hours before I can unload the work and see how it turned out!
  • Are your glazes food-safe?
    Yes! I only use lead-free, food-safe glazes.
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